JBL SDA-8300

The SDA 8300 are designed for maximum power, minimum space while seamlessly integrating into any JBL Synthesis System.
The amplifiers digitally connect to our SDEC Room Equalizer for a complete end-to-end digital solution and also stand on their own in a wide array of upscale applications. With greater accuracy less weight and superb signal to noise performance both the SDA 8300 and SDA 4600 deliver best in class performance in an easy to install space-saving design.

General Specifications
Inputs Balanced 3-pin block connectors, one per channel
Rated Output Power Into 8 Ohms 300
Rated Output Power Into 4 Ohms 300
Rated Output Power Into 2 Ohms 150
Bridged Output Power Into 8 Ohms 600
Finishes Black High-gloss, Woodgrain
Damping Factor 1000
7-Volt Capable
Voltage Gain (at Maximum Level Setting) 34 dB
Analog Input Signal to Noise Ratio 104 dB
BLU Link Signal-to-Noise Ratio 108 dB